Argenta Projects

Argenta distinguishes itself by conducting its projects from concept to completion.


More than buyers, we are project managers of FF&E and OS&E

Our core services




Competitive bids


PO / Fabrication / Payment




Schedules Cost Planning Tendering

  • Quantity matrix based on interior/architectural building/room layouts
  • Draft FF&E and OS&E budget
  • Model room/ mock-ups
  • Review & revise FF&E and OS&E budget
  • Finalize FF&E and OS&E budget
  • Draft overall schedule

Competitive bids

  • Establish requirements for bid submissions
  • Prepare bidding documents
  • Bidder selection/recommendations & pre-qualifications
  • Prepare bidding schedule
  • Bid issue
  • Comparison & evaluation of bids
  • Negotiations with bidders

  • Prepare purchase orders/contracts
  • Prepare L/C (for imported products)
  • Monitor fabrication (materials/samples/fabricated items/pre-shipment)
  • Check manufacturer invoices or pay invoices with a Client Deposit Account using agreed financial draw downs; this ensure speed on payments and suppliers commencement.

  • Consolidate overseas companies and select shipping companies
  • Plan logistics; adhering to site requirements, restrictions and timeframes
  • Generate sign off/snagging schedule
  • Oversee all deliveries and installations (this is incorporated within the supplier contracts)
  • Where suppliers can only provide a tailboard delivery; Argenta and its site team manage these installations.
  • Collate final drawings and documents to produce Operational & Maintenance Manual
  • Hand over completed hotel


The Argenta ethos is from concept to completion

Not only do we diligently check the design information provided with a care and attention to detail, at Argenta we prides ourselves on our ‘hands-on’ approach with each and every project. We believe that the delivery and installation phase of the project deserves the same care and attention as the creation of our comprehensive budgets and tender programme.
At the final push of the project we, personally, are on site alongside the contractor; overseeing all of our deliveries and thus ensuring all goods are received, installed and snagged in line with project requirements.
Our comprehensive on-site management has taken Argenta all over the globe, from Aberdeen to Singapore, and it is this dedication to the project and installation that really sets us apart in terms of services and knowledge. With this end experience we are able to start off on the right costing route, adequately factoring for all costs in the beginning stages.